Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why the questions?

Why all the questions you ask?

Well, actually you wouldn't ask that. That's because you're here. The very fact that you're here means you're likely to belong to one of the interested groups:

1) You are Jewish and a Zionist
2) You are Palestinian and an anti-Zionist
3) You are a left wing activist pushing an agenda on Palestine
4) You are a right wing campaigner looking for arguments against Jews

If not, you're probably here because someone who conforms to one of the stereo types above pointed you here!

Lets face it, most people feel that far to much time is dedicated to the question of the Middle East, while at home problems like education, healthcare and unemployment are lagrely ignored.

On campus students would much rather fight over the Middle East than unite against cuts by the administration. Why is this? Why do some people feel SO strongly about this issue? And why to the "facts" each of the sides above gives seem totally contradictory with each other? It's not as if they are interpreting the same history differently... as if they are from different planets!

This blog will address some of the arguments that come up in conversation, some of the claims made, and some of the "creative" uses of information that confuse so many.

We can't solve the problems in the middle east, but at least we can help people understand them!