Sunday, December 24, 2006

Palestine remembered?

Remember when there was this idea of a Palestinian state? And Palestinians wanted to work together to make this happen and build their country?

Ok, so neither do I. But things are just getting stupid now. On December 23rd, a couple of days before Christmas while christians the world over were spreading the Good News, and Jews were addign a little light to their houses as Chanukah candles were lit and children played with dreidles... in the hopeful state to be of Palestine, a seven year old girl was shot by Hamas. Ofcourse the news headline don't make a big deal about this. That would break media taboos. But it is mentioned towards the end of articles that talk about the other person who was shot, a senior security official loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Frankly, the kid deserves better, and the Palestinians are going to have to learn to stop the shooting, at least during the holiday season. Tourists don't like being shot at, or seeing the poor Palestinians shoot at other poor Palestinians. It shatters the world view of many pro-Palestinian activists.

Here's hoping civil war can be avoided in 2007, and that the Palestinian people get a decent government that wants peace and prosperity for all in the middle east.

Source: ZOTW forums

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